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Asterisk PBX Server

Standard Asterisk PBX Server Configuration

Designed/Optimized for Asterisk Server Technology
Dual Core Pentium 3.0ghz 2gb Ram
120GB of Raid-1 storage
Unlimited Voicemail, Hold Music, Conference Calls, Extensions.. etc
Supports 30-35 simultaneous calls
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PBX Module &Features :

Asterisk CLI
Asterisk Info Module
Asterisk Logs
Asterisk Manager API Settings
Backup and Restore
Caller ID Lookup Sources
Conferences (Meet Me)
Core Module
Custom Extension and Destinations
Customer Database Module
Day / Night Mode Control
Dictate Module
DUNDi Lookup and Extension Registry Proxy
Feature Codes
Follow Me
PBX Framework Module
PBX System Status
PBX Users & Devices
General Settings
Inbound Routes
Inventory Database
IVR (Digital Receptionist)
Java SSH Terminal
Miscellaneous Destinations
Music On Hold
Online Support
Outbound Routes
Paging and Intercom
Parking Lot
Phone Book and Phone Book Directory
PHP AGI Library Configuration
PHP Configuration Information
PIN Sets
Print Extensions
Queue Priorities
Ring Groups
System Recordings
Time Conditions
Time Groups
Upgrade Module
Voice Mail Blasting (VMB)
Voice mail Module
ZAP Channel DIDs

PBX Server Architecture :

                  PBX Server 

Specifications and price may vary depending on size of business and application. Please Contact Us for a Quote Note: In addition to providing the appliance/PBX hardware system we install everything, including ip phones and additional hardware needed on site at your location. All setup, configuration is provided by on staff PBX system engineers at your location. We do not simply "ship" an asterisk appliance to you and leave you to install it yourself. Our company provides a start to finish solution. To find out more information and to receive a quote from one of our specialists, please Contact a Sales Representative for a customized asterisk setup and installation quote.