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Calling Card
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Calling Card System

Asterisk Based Calling card System

The Calling Card System comprises of the following components: -
  • Server: Computer to run the system.
  • Line Interface Cards: Digium hardware (optional)to connect to the TDM network (PRI, BRI, Analogue)
  • Linux: Base operating system
  • Asterisk: Telephony engine
  • Apache: Web server
  • MySQL: The back end database
  • VoIP Billing : Billing system for Calling card.
  • Asterisk Rating Engine: Billing engine that one handling Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting.
The Calling card Platform has been deployed in a number of commercial environments by both traditional (IP Based) TDM based telecoms companies wishing to move into the VoIP market, and calling card businesses.

Calling Card Architecture :

                  Calling Card 

Calling IVR Feature List-
  • Caller ID-ANI & Card Number(Pin) authentication
  • Multi-Language IVR support
  • Customize the IVR rapidly, chose to play Balance, Time to call, Intro prompt, etc...
  • Recording of all calls
  • Speed-dial
  • Play balance with multi currency support
  • Support simultaneous or single access on same card
  • Auto creation card option for new CallerID
  • Top-up account via IVR menu (Recharge Account).
Calling Feature List-
  • Advanced Card and Customer management
  • Billing Management & Reporting
  • Power full Billing engine
  • Recurring service over card
  • E-Payment:  allows interaction with third party ecommerce platforms in order to create cards such as OS-commerce
  • Signup modules
  • Email activation to verify customer email address.
  • Customize mail templates
  • Database backup/restore Management
  • Export data into XML or CSV
  • Call-back, Web based, DDI based, CID based and URL / Text triggered Call back Module quickly integrate
  • Customer web module (Account info, including update details, CDR, Voucher recharge, Invoice Viewing, Speed dialing setting, CLI setting, Password recovery etc.)
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