We offer support for Linux and other distributions on both desktops and servers for individual clients and businesses. Complete VoIP Opensource solution, CRM solutions, VoIP & FoIP special solutions, hardware advice, help in migrating to Linux right from installation, implementation, and maintenance. Remote support and service contracts are also available.

Programming and System Development

We have the expertise to design web interface, scripting, and programming to fit your company's need. We have professionals doing more productive work like application development. Also, We offer Open Source consulting services and reliable outsourcing solutions to your business at an affordable price.

Remote Administration

We provide Remote Server Administration services which are a cost-effective alternative to Window/Linux System Administrator. We offer remote support at an affordable price.

  • We work on Following Platforms :
  • Linux Server
  • Window Server
  • Database Administration

Also, We update, secure, advice, monitor and fix bugs within your Voice over IP & Fax over IP system or Database, IP-PBX... etc.


E-mail/Chat Support

Email and Chats is a fast emerging preferred way of communication with customers. We offer email & chat support services and provide you the best support.
Leave your online customer support to us, we answer fast and fix problems within the system live.

Network and Server Monitoring

Network and Server monitoring help us to get a comprehensive insight into all the network elements such as routers, switches, firewalls, gateways, etc... and their underlying interfaces which in helps identify faults and performance issues for faster troubleshooting. We can monitor your Linux server, Asterisk PBX, SER, VoIP Billing Server, and network.

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