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Sugar CRM
Sugar CRM is the commercial Open Source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for companies of all sizes. Sugar easily adapts to any business environment by offering a more flexible, cost-effective alternative than proprietary applications. Sugar CRM's open source architecture allows companies to more easily customize and integrate customer-facing business processes in order to build and maintain more profitable relationships. Sugar CRM comes in three editions Sugar CRM Open Source, Sugar CRM Professional and Sugar CRM Enterprise Edition.

Sugar CRM is an excellent product due to its rich features. It is convenient to every organization from all sizes and industries/businesses as it is built/developed on the pure Open Source LAMPS platform: Linux or Windows, Apache or IIS, MySQL, PHP, and Sugar CRM.

We provide Standard Package of Sugar CRM

Standard Package of Sugar CRM

Sugar CRM is an Open Source Customer Relationship Management Software built on LAMP Stack. It provides enterprise quality enhancement utilities such as Sugar CRM outlook, thunderbird and Office Plugins.

Sugar CRM Technical Requirements
Technical Details
Operating System Fedora Core 3 / 6, RHEL 4.0
Database Mysql
Modules Available
Core Features Customization Available
Service Management Module (Ticket + Knowledge Base + Customer Interface) Interface Customization, Profile Creation, Role Integration according to the organization.
Sales Force Automation Profile and Roles Creation
Marketing Automation Profile and Roles Creation
Helper Features Status
Activity Management* Default
Reports and Dash Boards* Default
Security Management* Default
Calendar and Email Integration* Default
Add on Email Plugins* Default
Add on Office Plugins* Default
Extended Features Status
Inventory Management* Default
Invoices* Default
Customer Service Portal* Default
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